Purpose, Mission & Vision

pillars 800-minThe pillars of shared success.

Our Purpose…

We exist to serve by providing education and inspiration.

Our mission…

To provide quality education through extraordinary personal and professional experiences that will foster collegiality, goodwill and a spirit of cooperation to benefit club members, their patients and the dental community at large. 

Our vision…

  1. To establish a well-running and functional study club that serves its members and their staffs
  2. To encourage and support members to document and present cases so we may learn from each other
  3. To provide for educational opportunities in exceptional settings that stimulate attendance, interest, participation and discussion
  4. To develop a team approach to treatment, where all members are in regular communication during treatment
  5. To shift the overall view of patient care from “reactive” to “proactive”
  6. To understand the concept of focusing your practice on what you do best, efficiently and productively